To Train or not to Train…

As a long time weightlifting enthusiast (20+ years)  I truly though I had seen and done it all.  My love affair and obsession with iron came to a fevered pitch in 1997 while studying Anthropology at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.  I had a roommate who was a huge Arnold fanatic and who could squat a small bus if provoked.  In classic form, my pass-time quickly became the focus of my being and I subsequently dropped out of college, returned home and within a year was a part owner of a Gold’s Gym in Carlisle PA.

The Gym (Fitness) industry proved to be a cruel mistress and I didn’t last 2 years in my management/ownership role.  My dreams of re-creating the golden era of bodybuilding were dashed and I return to school to pursue a medical degree.  For about 7 years my love affair with weightlifting (getting huge/big) was an on and off fling.

Fast forward to early 2012.

Then Crossfit happened.  I was enduring the personal trial of a separation and ultimate divorce of my wife or 7 years.  Aside from emotional exhaustion and frank frustration over life events, I was feeling fat, lethargic and very dissatisfied with my fitness level.  I weighed 265lb and struggled to do a single pullup.  In late March 2012 I finally decided that despite what I thought was an expert grasp on the fundamentals of fitness, healthy weight loss and strength training, I was going to hire a personal trainer.


To say that hiring a trainer who was  a Crossfit level 1 cert holder, was life changing would be an understatement.  I quickly realized that, for me, Crossfit was something entirely different.  Every workout felt like the first day of 3 a day football camp, every workout ( affectionately called a WOD [workout of the day] a true test of emotional, physical and psychological stamina.

I was hooked.

As most Crossfit junkies that I know do, I quickly adapted my lifestyle to the training style, not the reverse.  I immediately started eating better; borrowing principles from Paleo, Zone, South Beach, etc…I shed 40 pounds, my cardiovascular endurance sky rocketed, my clothes suddenly were too large, my joints felt better, my head felt better.   I ended up taking the Level 1 Cert in early Oct 2012, just for fun.

More on Crossfit later.  It’s hard for me not to ramble incessantly about Crossfit, so I will stop…For now!

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