Filthy Fifty II (The Aftermath)

So I am writing this ‘post event.’  The WOD started about 930 AM EST and was every bit the brute I had remembered.  I trained with my girlfriend, who was doing Filthy for the first time.  She posted 34 min and some change with scale.

I posted 36min 40sec, which may not be ‘Games’ worthy, but its 10 minutes faster than my previous attempt!!!   My form was so much better this time, the pace was smoother and he transitions between elements was far more efficient.  Truly amazing how much an athlete can improve in a short period of time.

Post workout I spent a little time getting my wits back and I did have some dry heaves, but alas it is to be expected with the Filthy Fifty.  Truly a worthy opponent!

Now, it is time for a nap.




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