Yugen and my morning commute.

Of late, as I drive into work in the mornings I have been greeted by some spectacular sunrises.  I have tried to capture these sunrises and the quiet little moments of self reflection that they inspire with camera and words, neither seem to ever quite work.

There is a Japanese word ‘Yugen’ which seems to apply here.  Yugen has multiple meanings, depending on its context.   In this context I am using it to describe the ineffable, to describe the emotions and the aesthetic that goes beyond explanation.

My AM commute often takes a little longer, simply because I slow down and stare, I gaze in wide wonder at this beautiful display.  It amazes (but does not surprise me) that more folks don’t seem to notice this natural wonder.

Here is a little poem I cobbled together.  I hope you enjoy.

I call it ‘The Morning Show.’

An awakened dream, for all to see.

Few will notice, even fewer seem to care.

I hypnotically stare into the eye of the universe, to the giver of all life.

Bright! Fluorescent, like a gaudy flash from an eternal source.

Red! Orange! Yellow! Blue!

Gossamer tendrils spreading forth to welcome a new day. 

Tawdry, yet ancient and silent.  Profound yet mundane as the breath beneath one’s nose.

How I long for your rhythm, the eternal hum of the universe.

All the Best,


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