A little about me. As the subtitle of my blog suggests I am a man of many interests and many selves. My life is eclectic, to say the least. I have a deep curiosity, borderline geek enthusiasm and overall passion for life. There has never been one answer for me, life has constantly taken on new meaning and has required constant change and evolution.

I have an ongoing, evolving and ever-present spiritual practice. I am learning to un-see the illusions that I have been sold (and happily bought) and discover the beauty of what really is.

I have more hobbies than time. Currently I am an avid Crossfit junkie, paleo eater, armchair archaeologist/evolutionary biologist/paleontologist, hiker, backpacker, reader of all manners of literature.

I am a Father of two young children, who constantly challenge and change me.  I have a wonderful, brilliant partner who has 3 children whose live have become intertwined with mine.  We are a cast of 7 in a comedy called Our Life.

Three or 4 days a week I show up for work in a job in the medical field.



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